Home Theater


We are proud to show some of our professionally installed Home Theaters each one designed with the client’s unique needs and desires in mind.  We create grand pseudo-cinemas or simple fun places to watch movies – all within your budget.

Home Theater 101

Whether a client wants the theater to disappear into the decor or to step into a room that feels like they just stepped into the cinema, AVSD can design a variety of home theater experiences.  We specialize in creating the whole ambiance of what a client desires in their home theater.  Every detail is accounted for as the products and aesthetics join together to make a simple room turn into a great sounding and visually stimulating home theater.

An ambitious set up consists perhaps of a high end video projector, top level DVD player(s), separate amplifiers for each channel controlled by a master pre-amp or controller, in-wall speakers, and a couple of sub-woofers plus entertainment seating, remote controlled stage curtain and dramatic décor.

A modest home theater can be a any space in your home – a finished basement, den, attic or even a garage dedicated to visual entertainment, with a high quality TV, good but basic surround sound, and a DVD play – plus creative entertainment options to add a little extra excitement.

Regardless of your set-up, a well-designed home theater offers a better experience than going out, because

  • You always get the best seat in the house
  • Start, stop and pause the show whenever you want
  • No crowds, parking or obnoxious commercials before the show starts
  • The sound and picture quality are every bit as good
  • The the overall experience is definitely better!

Sound Considerations

Not every home can take advantage of all the benefits of having surround sound.  If the room has only 2 walls and opens up to a kitchen or great room, a 5 speaker system is not the best option. This is where I fully support a 2 channel audio system.  Take the same money and put it into 2 high quality front speakers that fill the room with incredible sound.  The average family changes homes every 5 years, so those front speakers can go with you and give you the advantage of having a solid foundation to build off of for your new home.

Audio Video San Diego works with you the home-owner, or in new construction with your architect, builder and interior designer to create the home theater you are imagining.  We are your primary resource, coordinating and supplying audio and video technology, custom controls, wiring, furniture – and even the popcorn!