The consultation is the first step in understanding your needs and goals and developing a relationship built on communication and trust that will be satisfactory and long lasting.

We go the extra mile for our clients. We walk you through step by step on how we can deliver everything you have in mind for your project while staying within your budget and  project timeline.

Consultation Basics

We approach each job as the unique situation it truly is.  One customer may want a simple direct installation while another wants to explore options and understand what is available and how one product or solution over the other will give them the experience they are looking for.  You may be ready for the Home Theater you’ve always wanted.

During the initial consultation, we look at the space, acoustic and aesthetics.  Space is particularly important to understand.

  • Is this a blank canvas to start new, or are we working with existing components or wiring?
  • Are the flooring carpeted, tiled or hardwood?
  • Is this a typical 3 or 4 walled room with a standard height ceiling, or does the room have a cathedral or sloped ceiling?
  • Does the room open up to other rooms inside the home or perhaps to an outdoor patio or living space?

This information is important to consider because this is where the acoustics come into play.  Different types of flooring can have a major impact on the acoustics of a room, as can a cathedral ceiling.


The aesthetics of the home is also an important consideration.  The audio and video components must reflect the overall lifestyle of the homeowner in order to present a seamless transition.  A few quick examples:

  • Do you want floor speakers – in wall speakers – or a mix of both
  • Are you looking for a 5.1 surround sound system or a 2 channel stereo
  • The size of the wall the TV will be mounted on and the seating viewing distance
  • Lighting sources, ambient or natural and will there be outdoor light interference
  • The size of the room size and window placement
  • Do you want full in wall installation or a quality wireless system


Not every home can take advantage of all the benefits of having surround sound.  If your living room has only 2 walls and opens up to a kitchen or great room, a 5 speaker system is not the best option. This is where we fully support a 2 channel audio system. Take the same money you would have invested in a 5 speaker system and put it into 2 high quality front speakers that fills the room with incredible sound. The average family changes homes every 5 years, so those front speakers can go with you and then you have the advantage of having a solid foundation to build off in your new home.


Our collaborative approach lets you know what to expect up front and gives you ideas and creative suggestions, letting you know what to avoid or alternatives that can save time, money and frustration.  We advise you on which brands and technologies we recommend based on reliability and reputation, and what will integrate with items you may already own.

We take into account the size of the room, ceilings, walls, fireplaces, window placement, both ambient and natural lighting, acoustics as well as the layout of the room and connecting rooms. These all play an important part in deciding which products will work best in your home and give you the desired results you’e looking for.

Consultation Charge

Our charge for an on-site consultation with the owner is $99.00 which will be applied towards projects $5,000 or greater.  We understand that many other AV companies do not charge for a consult, be we aren’t like anyone else.

First, when we come to your home or business, we actually listen to what You want to accomplish and recommend product that will work for You – in Your home.  Unlike other AV companies, we don’t stock inventory, which means we don’t try to figure out what we have on the shelves in the warehouse that we need to move or think might work for you. All of our work is custom – because Your job is custom.

Like other AV companies we provide an estimate, but our estimate lists every single item/product that we discussed broken down by room in detail with full description and model numbers, not a vague reference to a 65″ TV or an obscure security camera.  Once you receive the estimate we discuss it with you to see if you require any changes so you have full control before we begin the installation.  We won’t ‘surprise’ you once the job starts with unexpected product or time over runs.

Next, we are licensed with the state of CA, insured, bonded and carry worker’s comp on our employees which means we cover them if they get injured on the job, not your homeowners insurance.  Not all AV companies are licensed and it is in your best interest to check.

Lastly, we develop relationships with our customers which is why 70% of our business is through referrals and repeat business. They call us to set up their AV when they move to a new home, for their second homes and even out-of-state homes. Our customers trust us because we don’t walk away once the sale is completed.

We think you will like our innovative approach and honest desire to give our customers just what you want … and only what you want. Our past performance is a guarantee of your future success with us.

* Fireplaces

All TV installations above a fireplace require a consultation.

* Rentals

All installations in rental units require signed authorization from the homeowner or property management company.

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