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While we do not normally have ‘sales’ we do currently have all of our showroom Waterfall Audio display speakers at a remarkable 40% off MSRP. This is a one-time opportunity to experience the ‘Sound of Art’ at a ridiculous price that is too good to miss. Please call (760) 575-4819 to schedule your appointment and experience the sound that only comes from Waterfall Audio.

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Waterfall Victoria - High Force speakers

Victoria EVO

We have one set on display in our showroom.

MSRP $7,000 – 40% discounted price $4,200!

Highly regarded worldwide, these prestigious and elegant speakers deliver breathtaking dynamic, pure sound. Just let the magic and emotions envelop you in sound.

Waterfall Audio Iguascu Evo

Iguascu EVO

We have one set on display in our showroom.

MSRP $5,700 – 40% discounted price $3,420!

Pure and refined lines for an accurate, harmonious and pure sound. Iguasçu Evo is the most compact in the floorstanding speaker range and is designed to deliver pure audiophile sound.

Waterfall Audio Center Channel

Center Channel

We have one on display in our showroom.

MSRP $1,700 – 40% discounted price $1,020!

Based on their patented Heatstream technology, Elora has an astonishing high power handling. Use as a Center speaker (horizontal) or as Left and Right speakers (vertical).

Waterfall Audio Serio Satelliettes and Subwoofer

Serio System 2.1

We have one set on display in our showroom. 

MSRP $1,882 – 40% discounted price $1,129!

High performances for your multi-media music featuring an active subwoofer which boasts 3 class D amplifiers. This system will transform sound into a real hi-fi system. 2 Serio Satellites and 1 Highforce Subwoofer.

Waterfall Audio Serio speakers and floor Stands

Serio Satellite Speakers and Floor Stands

We have 3 set of Serio speakers and 2 sets of stands in our showroom.

Serio Satellite Speakers:  MSRP $560 – 40% discounted price $336!

Floor Stands:  MSRP $620 – 40% discounted price $372!

Miniature” series of the Hurricane Evo satellite, Serio uses the same components (glass & aluminium), the Heatstream technology, and the same color schemes and accessories. When associated to the High Force sub-woofers, you will be thrilled by its sonic capacities in Hi Fi or Home Cinema. Stylish and streamlined the floor-stands are color matched to our satellites Hurricane Evo and Serio.

Waterfall Audio Magnetic Speaker Grilles

Elora Magnetic Colored Grilles for Serio Speakers

We have several sets – call for available colors.

MSRP $80 – Clearance price $40 per set

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