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Sonos® Trueplay Software

Sonos has a new software feature that will tune each of your Sonos speakers specifically to the room it is in.

There are many factors (walls, windows, furniture etc.) that affects the way a speaker sounds when placed in a room. The idea of Trueplay is to recognize these factors and calibrate itself accordingly.

How to set up Trueplay

In order for Trueplay to make your Sonos speakers perform at their best, you have to go through a tuning process and is very simple and easy.  The room you are tuning needs to be as quiet as possible in order for the process to work, but Sonos has added algorithms that will cancel out noises such as a dog bark.

The Sonos app will prompt you to start the tuning process and after following the steps, it will emit a series of test sounds.  These sounds are made up of three properties – brown noise, pulse sounds that allow for echoes and a sweep of frequencies. The microphone in your iOS device detects how these sounds react to the room you are in by measuring how the sound waves reflect off the walls, furnishings, glass and other surfaces. This information is then used to determine the layout of your room and the tuning will take place automatically.

When the sounds begin, you need to hold your Apple device in your hand and move it up and down, while walking around the room.  You need to make sure you walk around as much of the room as you can, but not too fast, and make sure your arm is moving up and down, otherwise the sounds will stop and the app will tell you to try again.

It only takes 45-60 seconds to actually do the tuning, but if you do it right, you won’t need to do it again unless you move the speaker into a different room. Even in a power outage the speaker will remember the room configuration.

Why do I need an Apple Device?

Sonos Trueplay requires an Apple device that runs on iOS 7 and above. It can be an iPad, iPhone or an iPod Touch and you only need it for those couple of minutes do complete the setup.  If you have Android or Windows, you’ll need to invite an Apple friend over and borrow their device for a few minutes to setup Trueplay.

Is Trueplay really worth setting up?

We’ve read several reports and watched a couple of demos with Sonos Trueplay and we noticed a big difference after the speaker had been tuned to the room and its surroundings.  In the video a Play:1 was placed in a cupboard and when Trueplay was turned on, there was a noticeable improvement in the sound output.

It doesn’t take long – it’s very easy – and if it makes your existing speaker better – then why not?

Remember …

– no talking, no TV, no music, no fans.  Super silence is necessary for Trueplay to work correctly.

If you are not prompted, go into settings, then room settings, and select re-tune.  The Apple device’s microphone will then make sure the room you are tuning is quiet enough.

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